Reconnaissance Launches e-Publishing Platform… Starting with Tax Stamps

02 November 2020

Reconnaissance International (RI), publisher of newsletters, special reports and directories for the currency, authentication, tax stamp and ID document sectors, is pleased to announce that its new e-publishing platform is now live.

The first publication to be launched on the platform is Tax Stamp & Traceability News™ (TSTN), which can be found at

The platform allows subscribers to view their tax stamp news as separate, searchable articles on a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate website. In addition, new articles will be posted on a regular basis throughout the month, accompanied by email alerts, and subscribers will also receive a weekly newsfeed service by email.

This does not mean that RI will be discontinuing the previous PDF or printable versions of TSTN, which will still form part of the overall TSTN offering (albeit that the printable version is not currently available due to restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic).

What it does mean, however, is that subscribers will get more news and on a more frequent basis, ensuring that they are fully up to date with all the developments in tax stamps and traceability as these happen.  

Government authorities will receive a complimentary copy of TSTN in PDF viewer format, as well as have free access to the separate, online articles. They will, however, be asked to reconfirm their interest in receiving TSTN every month, in order to benefit from this service.

The e-publishing platform interfaces with Reconnaissance’s newly launched e-commerce site, where subscribers can manage their subscriptions online (including upgrades and renewals), as well as purchase and download special reports and other publications at a discount  – including the soon-to-be published third edition of Tax Stamps and Traceability: a Market Analysis and Technical Update.

With the launch of the TSTN platform, RI’s other newsletters will follow suit over the course of the next few months, including Cash & Payment News™, Currency News™, Authentication News®, Holography News® and ID & Secure Document News™.