Reconnaissance’s New Online Shop is Now Open for Business

16 June 2020
Reconnaissance International (RI) has launched its e-store for publications, enabling customers to purchase its market-leading reports, directories, newsletters and white papers in the format of their choice – in print only, pdf only, or both – as well as proceedings from its conferences for those who were unable to attend.  

The e-store is the first in a  series of initiatives that Reconnaissance will be launching over the coming months both to facilitate access to its content, and to expand this content. These include a new e-publishing platform for its newsletters which will be going live later this year, along with a series of webcasts, digital masterclasses and other training materials, and new industry reports covering security threads, tax stamps, digital printing, smartphone authentication and coins.  

According to Astrid Mitchell, CEO of Reconnaissance, the  number of these projects were already in the pipeline, but the current COVID-19 crisis has accelerated their roll-out. 

‘With people unable to meet and travel to conferences, and postal services shut in many countries, there has never been a greater need for access to online content’, she said. ‘We were already in the process of digitising our content to make it more accessible to the market. This pandemic has simply brought this forward. And of course, whilst we look forward to the day when ‘normal’ business returns and people can travel again, the need for those in our markets to be able to access news, analysis and training materials in a format that suits them and in  a timely manner will still remain. So we view these virtual products and services as a complement and extension to our normal activities, and not just as a panacea during COVID-19, but as the model for our information delivery in the 21st century’. 

The e-store can be accessed at Given the sensitive and secure nature of the content in which Reconnaissance specialises, access is limited to individuals and organisation with a legitimate interest in this content, be it related to currency, fiscal stamps, personal identification, brand protection, or optical and digital security. Anyone visiting the store first has to register and set up an account. This will then be validated by Reconnaissance and is one-time request, after which customers can shop and download to their heart’s content.