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Reconnaissance International delivers global business intelligence on sectors with security, authentication, trust and confidence at their heart. These include cash, secure documents, print and authentication technologies, track and trace, fiscal stamps, brand protection, ID and travel documents and – increasingly – the digital domains into which some of these are transposing.

We have a highly experienced team who understand what customers and users need and the processes and technologies involved in these sectors, having spent most of their careers in one or more of these sectors, at all levels from top management through to marketing, product development and R&D.

There is no other company that brings together such an experienced team across the cash, authentication and personal identification sectors, nor one that encompasses people with such a broad range of technical, product, financial, management and marketing backgrounds.

We are unique in this respect. And on hand for you to take advantage of that experience to gain knowledge and insight to help you achieve your goals.

Knowledge is power! 

Put simply, no other organisation has this breadth of experience.


Our intelligence is put to use every day through our newsletters, reports and conferences, where we don’t just report – we provide expert analysis and commentary. Our unique network, relationships and the knowledge bank that we have acquired as a result – and continue to acquire as each day goes by – across a broad range of sectors and disciplines gives us unrivalled competency, connectivity and trusted insight.


Reconnaissance has provided confidential consultancy services for many years. Our client list ranges from small technology start-up to investors through established companies looking to diversity into new security-related markets, investors and venture capitalists considering divesting, mergers and acquisitions and company owners seeking to divest or make a public offering. All work is undertaken discreetly, securely and in strictest confidence.

We are neither a manufacturer nor a supplier to the industry and, as a result, can provide information and advice that is not only based on our many years’ experience in the field, but which is independent, informed and objective.

You can trust us, therefore, not only to be secure and discreet, but to be unbiased and – above all – honest in our approach.

What We Offer

It can be hard to assess sectors that are, by their nature, security conscious and closed about what they do. Whether trying to value a business, compare product offerings, find a solution, offer a solution, enter the market or just be more competitive, getting good, impartial information combined with informed comment is what we offer.

Consultancy Methodology

We will take a standard five-step approach to working with you:

  1. Understand the consultancy requirement in the context of your organisation, its needs and the market.
  2. Provide a detailed specification and quotation with work plan, milestones and output.
  3. Initial research and validation of the task
  4. Detailed research and initial findings
  5. Final report and / or presentation and review

No two projects are the same, and the specification will be tailored to your requirements. We are happy to provide our services on a retained or project basis – with options ranging from a simple day’s consultation through to a full-blown project over several months, and all steps in between.

Areas of Work/Specialities

  • Due diligence
  • Market analysis and dynamics
  • Identification of potential acquisition targets
  • Review of business and investment plans
Strategy and Business Development
  • Strategic planning, marketing and product analysis
  • Go-to-market strategy and potential partners
  • New product development and analysis
  • Operational planning
  • Risk analysis and impact assessment
  • Portfolio diversification analysis
  • Partner/supplier analysis and introductions
Market Research
  • Primary and secondary research
  • Market / sector analysis and reports
  • Datasets
  • Polls and surveys
  • Literature reviews
Technical Services
  • Security feature evaluation
  • Assessment of authentication services and systems
  • Evaluating requests for proposal
  • Specification/tender support
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Standards impact
  • Project conformance
  • Benchmarking
Training and Education
  • Primers on disruptive technologies (eg AI, blockchain, data management, non-contact biometrics, quantum computing etc)
  • Technology masterclasses
  • Compliance requirements (eg. GDPR, KYC, AML, Data Security)
  • Security feature training
  • Continuing professional development
Sales and Marketing Support
  • Copywriting and / or proofing of sales documents, tenders and marketing materials into native English
  • Marketing communications and collateral
  • Webinar and webcast support
  • Event organisation, management and hosting

Types of Clients

Our client list is extensive and includes

  • Authentication feature providers
  • Brand owners
  • Equipment providers
  • Major government and intergovernmental agencies
  • Private equity and venture capital firms
  • Security printers
  • Security label providers
  • Security substrate providers
  • Start-ups
  • University spin-outs

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Marketing Sevices

From a Name That’s Trusted

The currency, document security and ID sectors are a demanding place for any marketing department. At the same time global and regional, technical but comprehensible, guarded yet open, printed word, online and social media – and with a voice that has to speak to everyone from policy makers to holiday makers.

That is why more and more marketeers within the industry are turning to Reconnaissance to support their marketing and communications efforts.

For more than 20 years, Reconnaissance has been publishing industry specific titles like ID & Secure Document News™ and The Directory of Currency Suppliers that have become essential reading for anyone serious about the industry.

Since 1988, we have successfully organised nearly 100 events in 40 countries worldwide – often in a dual-language format. We have grown our digital media team to reflect the growing trend towards webinars, infomercials, and short video formats.

Reconnaissance International has helped us understand the high complexity of Security Market since we met them. Their knowledge and experience of Security Applications, actors and technology is unique. The strategic cooperation between JURA and HP Indigo was announced at Tax Stamp Forum. This Reconnaissance International high level event has marked an important milestone in HP Indigo Secure strategy which allowed us to reveal our strategy dedicated to security printing.

We have, of course, core capability in all communication formats from writing to conferences to webinars, including their related technical and creative elements, as well as being seasoned publishers. We can provide any element of support for your marketing and communications, from simple editing and polishing of copy for your brochures or website through to the development and implementation of multi-channel communications campaigns, and all stages in-between.

Our teams include people who are scientists, technologists, marketeers and experienced business people who have worked at Board level in the industry. There is no other company that combines our industry knowledge with our ability to communicate this knowledge. The result is that whether your marketing and communication needs are functional, tactical or strategic, Reconnaissance can help.

We can help you develop your marketing and communications strategies. We also have the tools and services for the delivery of your strategy through print, online and social media channels, including:

  • Marketing and communications audits
  • Technical and copy writing
  • Editing, checking, proofing, polishing
  • Translation
  • Brochures, technical specification sheets and flyers
  • Product announcements and press releases
  • Blogs, social media content and posts
  • Website development, content, hosting
  • Graphic design, branding
  • Advertising, sponsorship
  • Direct and e-marketing
  • Webinars, infomercials, web and podcasts
  • Presentations – content and training on delivery
  • Event management


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On May 13th and 14th we had a webinar organised by Reconnaissance on the theme of Digital Security Printing. The combination of Digital and Security is very unusual, the topic is new and includes a wide variety of possibilities. Today we have more and more webinars. We did not think that we are going to have many participants but to our biggest surprise we had over 250 participants in both webinars. We had very good discussions and presentations. To evaluate the whole organisation/process done by Reconnaissance I would use the words ‘highly professional. Thank you.

Association Management

We Support, You Deliver

Reconnaissance International has been providing secretariat and administration services for industry associations for 30 years. Whatever service you need to manage for your trade association, we can help. For two of our current clients we provide a complete association management package, for another we provide administrative, membership and office support and for others we provide content and communications support.

Whatever the level of support, our role is to ensure that your association is able to operate efficiently and to fulfil its legal and statutory obligations, allowing the directors and members to concentrate on delivering the association’s core objectives.

But, anchored as we are in the domains of security, authentication and identification, we can go one step further – by harnessing our contacts, experience and industry knowledge to help you set and deliver on those objectives.

How we can Help

Take a look at what services we offer, our expertise, and examples of how we have helped our clients over the years.

  • Membership engagement and administration
  • Outreach and communications
  • Meeting and events organisation
  • Database creation and management
  • Website development, hosting and management
  • Online and print communications
  • Social media management
  • Book-keeping and accountancy services
  • Legal documentation and compliance
  • Research and white papers

We have been providing secretariat services to the IHMA since its inception.

We have been providing the secretariat for ITSA since it was established in 2015.

We are the general secretariat for the ICA, which was inaugurated in 2016.

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Managed Events

Your Professional Event Partners

We have been organising specialist security-based business conferences for 30 years – more than 100 in 40 countries around the world. We don’t just run our own events – we also take care of these on behalf of other organisations, notably the Future of Cash, the African Currency Forum and the Mint Directors Conference.

Our event management service ensures a creative and professional approach to your event – whether this is a conference, an exhibition, a customer event, a seminar or a product launch – from sourcing and contracting through creation and development to on-site management.

Our service is entirely bespoke and we can help you with as much or as little as you need. In other words, if you need support from the initial planning stages though to delivering the event, or just help with certain aspects – we’re the team for you!

Our event management service comprises strategic, operational, administrative, creative, sales, communication and production-related services. These include:


  • Project management
  • Overall budget management and reporting
  • Sponsorship/delegate strategy and revenue models

Sales and marketing

  • Sponsor/exhibitor relationship management
  • Branding and communication

Event and programme design

  • Overall event design
  • Content creation for plenary sessions, workshops and seminars
  • Social programmes and tours
  • Industry award programs

Event production

  • Venue research and contracting
  • Venue management and reconciliation
  • Conference and exhibition space
  • Signage and environmental design
  • Conference bags, badges and gifts
  • Virtual content, onsite polls, event app
  • Photography and videography services

Administration and logistics

  • Registration services and reporting
  • Event services and logistics management
  • On-site management

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