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The Best in Banknotes and ID Documents in EMEA 2022

Special awards have been made to a number of newly introduced banknotes and ID documents that have demonstrated outstanding technical sophistication and excellence in design and security.

Regional Banknote and ID Document of the Year Awards to Go Online for 2021

One of the highlights of the High Security Printing™ conferences each year are the regional awards for the best banknotes and ID documents. Thanks to COVID-19, no in-person HSP has been possible since the last event in Lisbon in March 2020, just before the world went into lockdown. And with a question mark still hanging …

Reconnaissance Launches New Conference for Identity and Payments in the Digital Age

The technical conference for physical, digital and virtual document security How do we ensure that our financial transactions and identity verification conducted on a smartphone, tablet or other computer are as secure as they have been using banknotes and identity documents respectively? Do those physical secured documents have a role in this new world? Will …

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Holography Conference Goes Online – Call For Papers

Reconnaissance has announced that The Holography Conference™ will now be an online event called The Holography Conference Online™ (THCO), and has published the Call for Papers for the event, which will be held over 8-9 December 2020. The Holography Conference is the only global conference for the commercial holography industry – and under its previous …