Alan Hodgson

Consultant (UK)

Dr Alan Hodgson has substantial experience in both printed electronics spanning 20 years, and digital print from the inception of inkjet spanning over 35 years ago. For the last 8 years Alan has been the Chair of the International Standards committee IEC TC 119 (Printed Electronics). He has a wide network of international contacts in both industry and academia. His interests include both wearables and display printed electronics with practical experience in offset and screen printing of conductive inks in a factory setting, inkjet printing development, substrate and ink product development and consultancy work for clients with security print and display interests.

Alan is also a visiting academic with the Centre for Digital Fabrication at the University of Manchester with a particular focus on screen and inkjet printed features and is also a member of the Organic Electronics Association (OE-A) and a regular visitor to their LOPEC exhibition in Munich

Alan’s experience in digital print includes its use and application in security printing with practical applications in the following: international standards development, page wide inkjet personalisation of passports and ID cards, desktop inkjet and toner personalisation of passports and visas, centralised and distributed solutions, UV cure, aqueous, wax, solvent and oil based inkjet solutions, inkjet consultancy and graphic arts, fine art and security printing sectors.

Alan has a network of contacts at many of the leading digital print organisations and is also a regular contributor to Reconnaissance International’s written reports and newsletters.