John Winchcombe

Consultant, Currency & Payments

John Winchcombe has worked with central banks on the design, issue and circulation of banknotes from joining De La Rue in 1988 to today.  His De La Rue career has included working in banknote paper mill and print works, responsibility for new product development of paper, polymer, print, machine readable and optical features for banknotes and marketing strategy.  John’s last job at De La Rue was four years as Product Development and Marketing Director for the Currency business.

In 2016, after leaving De La Rue, John worked for CCL Secure and in 2018 he started work as a consultant firstly for 7 Layer Solutions and then also with Reconnaissance International.  John’s work with 7 Layer has been working with central bank issue departments to develop a market leading data analytic tool based on serial number reading to understand cash usage and performance.

John’s work for Reconnaissance is to bring this knowledge of central banks, banknote manufacture, banknotes and the entire cash cycle into the business, including putting this into the wider payment context as alternative and digital payment methods develop and grow in popularity.