About Us


Information, Insight, Intelligence


Reconnaissance International is the leading global source of business intelligence on currency, optical and digital document security, personal identification, authentication and brand protection.

From our unique knowledge of these highly-specialised and rapidly-changing fields , we offer authoritative information and practical guidance on markets, technologies, trends and strategies through publications, newsletters, conferences, consultancy and management support services.

Founded in 1988, our reach is now global, with customers, partners and contributors from around the world and attendance at our events from all populated continents. We are headquartered in the UK with staff in Europe and South Africa, representatives in China, India and Latin America. Our management, consultancy and editorial team,  drawn as it is from the highest echelons of the markets we serve, is  unparalleled in terms of its experience and industry knowledge.

And our aim is simple – we are here to advise, inform, connect and support you in the development and delivery of your business objectives.