Nicola Sudan

Regional Director, ITSA Secretary General

Nicola Sudan has been with Reconnaissance International since 2010 and currently holds the title of Regional Director, in charge of the company’s tax stamp business. She is the editor of Tax Stamp & Traceability News™, director of the annual Tax Stamp & Traceability Forum™, and main writer and editor of the report Tax Stamps & Traceability: A Market Analysis and Technical Update, the third edition of which is due for release in 2020. In addition, she has been General Secretary of the International Tax Stamp Association since its founding in 2015.

Nicola’s experience in the security printing and authentication industry comes from a career with SICPA in Switzerland where she held senior marketing and copywriting roles within both the security inks and government security solutions divisions. Prior to that, she worked for 13 years at JTI, in the marketing departments of the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Worldwide Duty-Free regions, which has given her a broad knowledge of the tobacco industry.

Nicola’s core areas of competence in terms of providing a consultancy service relate to her wide knowledge of the excise tax stamp and associated track and trace industry, as well as her English writing expertise, coupled with extensive experience in the security printing and authentication industry.

Nicola has a BA in Marketing and Accounting.