ATMIA Announces Strategic Collaboration with Reconnaissance International

22 April 2024

The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA), the pre-eminent non-profit trade association representing the global ATM industry, and Reconnaissance International (RI), providers of intelligence and networking services to the currency community, have announced a partnership to help foster innovation, champion best practices, and propel standards within the ATM industry worldwide.

The collaboration between ATMIA and RI will focus on several key areas aimed at delivering comprehensive intelligence and networking services to the ATM and currency industries. Joint initiatives encompass an array of activities, including tailored market research, analysis, and consultancy services for both sectors. Leveraging Reconnaissance International’s unparalleled expertise in market intelligence, the collaboration will facilitate in-depth research and analysis projects to furnish invaluable insights into emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities.

One of the first activities under the partnership is a jointly-presented webinar on 8 May entitled ‘Cash Sustainability – More than Ticking the Box’. ATMIA is also a partner for the upcoming Cash Sustainability Forum being organised by RI, which takes place 24-26 June in Frankfurt, Germany.

Lonnie C Talbert, CEO of ATMIA, commented on the collaboration, stating, ‘we are thrilled to unite with Reconnaissance International to fortify our collective endeavours in driving innovation and excellence within the ATM industry. By amalgamating our resources and expertise, we aspire to address key challenges, promote best practices, and cultivate collaboration across the industry ecosystem.’

The collaboration between ATMIA and RI underscores their mutual dedication to advancing the interests of all their members and fostering their sustained success on a global scale.

Astrid Mitchell, CEO of RI, added, ‘Reconnaissance International is delighted to collaborate with ATMIA, a leading voice in the ATM industry. Together, we are uniquely positioned to deliver impactful insights, initiatives, and solutions that will propel positive change and growth within the industry.’

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